3040359870_203f9b42b4_bEverybody reacts differently to alcohol so it’s difficult to proffer exact guidelines as to how much is too much. Factors such as age, weight, gender and even amount of sleep play a part in determining how alcohol is going to affect you on any given day and in the long term. In North America, drinking in moderation states that women should have no more than one alcoholic beverage per day, whilst men should limit their consumption to just two drinks. The following indicators will help determine whether your drinking habits are in need of a serious check.

  • Longing to get home for that evening fix should signal the alarm that something is wrong. If the thought of having a beer or a glass of wine is helping you through a tough day, the chances are, you’re already on the way to a worrying problem.
  • If you notice that your urine is darker than normal, this could be a warning that your liver is not doing its job properly due to over consumption.
  • Memory loss or blackouts are a common occurrence for those drinking way above the limit.
  • Using alcohol on a regular basis can disrupt your sleep, so if you wake up still feeling tired and grumpy, even after a booze free evening, it’s likely that you need a period of detox to get your sleep patterns back on track.
  • Building up a tolerance indicates excessive drinking. If you can consume two or three beers or glasses of wine without feeling slightly tipsy, then you need to take a closer look at your drinking habits.
  • If you start to prioritise alcohol over your daily life, then you are certainly heading into the danger zone. Skipping work, cancelling events with friends or failing to look after your family are glaring signs that you need immediate help.

If you do have serious concerns about your drinking, the first step is to seek support. Talk to someone you can trust or join an online community today, before it’s too late.