wine-541922_960_720Having a glass of wine or a couple of beers on occasion is hardly a cause for concern, although even those who consider themselves social drinkers can experience huge benefits from cutting out alcohol altogether. Set yourself a date and trial a month’s long absence to see how your drinking habits can affect your life on a daily basis.

Live Longer

Okay, so abstinence will not grant you immortality but it can help to extend your life through reducing the risk of illness and disease. Quitting for just one month will reward your body with increased resistance, improved liver function, a better night’s sleep and a noticeable rise in energy levels.

Big Savings

A bottle of wine here, a couple of drinks after work there, and soon enough, what may seem like an innocent expense ends up totaling surprisingly large amounts. Whilst stores and bars constantly inundate consumers with enticing promotions, the bills soon rack up, especially on a big night out when the wallet strings become loose and rounds blur by. Putting the money that you would normally spend on the booze aside and saving for something special will offer a great incentive to giving up for good.

Look and Feel Great

Alcohol is known to reduce the skin’s antioxidant levels, leaving you open to unwanted flare ups and premature ageing. The drug is also a primary source of empty calories, meaning the body stores its abundant sugars as excess fat. Binge drinking in particular makes it much more difficult to maintain a healthy weight. Regular consumption dampens the metabolism and makes it harder for muscles to recover after strenuous exercise. Abstinence will not only improve your skin, calorie intake and fitness, but also strengthen your cognitive ability and stabilise your emotions, enhancing your mood.

Enjoy New Experiences

Refraining from alcohol doesn’t mean you have to avoid your friends. Instead, encourage your social circle to join you in an activity or sport that doesn’t require stimulants to be enjoyable, such as bowling, paintball, casino games (check the guide here) or even an escape game.