One of the most common reasons why people drink, particularly at home, is to relax. Pouring a glass of wine or opening a cold beer after a long day at work is so ingrained into Western culture that it’s difficult to break the mold. Those seeking a healthy substitute to alcohol induced relaxation, should consider the following alternatives:

Sport and Fitness

The last thing anyone wants to do after a tiring day is head to the gym, although once you actually make it through the door, the benefits are instantly rewarding. All those endorphins flooding through your brain make you feel great and the obvious advantages to your body make it all the more worthwhile. People turned off by the gym should try a more stimulating physical activity, such as rock climbing, squash, golf, martial arts or a team sport. Choosing a pursuit that requires a partner will help to maintain momentum and make you more likely to keep to your commitment.

Yoga and Meditation

yoga-1996209_960_720Yoga’s vast health benefits have been recognized for centuries across the globe. Practicing yoga and attending meditation classes focuses your mind, strengthens breathing and muscles, improves flexibility and posture, and relaxes your entire being, which makes it the perfect distraction from alcohol.

Get a Hobby

There are several other options for unwinding for those who are reluctant to try a new sport. Hobbies can bring plenty of joy and self-confidence, grant the opportunity to meet new people and can be enjoyed both outdoors, for example, through gardening, amateur dramatics, language courses, and also within the home, with such familiar yet absorbing options as crafts and knitting, reading, playing board games and doing jigsaw puzzles. The important thing is to find something pleasurable that will engage your senses and divert attention from the allure of alcoholic cravings.