For the vast majority of society, drinking too much occurs during a night out with friends. Downing a bottle or two, throwing back shots or sampling a series of cocktails releases your inhibitions, lets you dance with wild abandon and chat effortlessly with complete strangers. The after effects of such an evening can of course have serious consequences depending on your degree of inebriety, which can range from a hellish hangover to foolish sexual encounters. Partying every week can lead to more severe problems with your health, bank balance and mental state, so it’s crucial to your well-being to recognize the issue and act accordingly before it’s too late.

657940-watertap-1389472218-401-640x480Still, many adults rely on alcohol to attain that level of ease and enjoyment when on a night out and fear a lack of it will have a negative impact on their evening. Peer pressure really comes into play here too, as friends and colleagues tend to label their sober companions as boring in a bid to encourage collective drinking and make them feel less bad about their own levels of intoxication.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind when preparing for a night out sans stimulants.

  • Have a drink in your hand. From a sparkling water with a slice of lemon to a non-alcoholic beer to a delectable mocktail, it helps to hold on to something. There is nothing worse than standing there empty handed and having to constantly refuse offers for drinks and provide subsequent explanations.
  • Seek out like-minded party-goers. Chances are you won’t be the only sober one in the club, and even if all your friends are running riot, there may be a stranger at hand to strike up a conversation with and laugh together over the buffoonery of your inebriated neighbours.
  • Relax. Be aware that almost everyone around you is drunk or getting there so don’t feel self-conscious about dancing and joining in the fun. Certainly no-one around you is going to care and they probably won’t even remember it in the morning!