article-2221232-159DEBA0000005DC-875_634x415Whether you’re in the mood for a detox, considering starting a family or have fears that your drinking is getting out of hand, the best way to begin is by deciding exactly what you want to achieve and setting yourself reachable goals. Those with a serious alcohol addiction should always consult a doctor before attempting to quit or contact one of the many support groups that are on hand to offer professional help to those who need it most. The following pointers provide a few practical tips to get you started on your quest for sobriety.

Recognise Your Limits

The first question you have to ask yourself is whether you want to simply cut down your alcohol consumption or stop drinking completely. If the answer is the former, then choose one or two days in the week to allow yourself a drink and stick to them. Also, limit your intake to perhaps two glasses of wine or two beers per day. For those intent on quitting for any length of time, first begin with a month’s trial. This temporary target alleviates some of the pressure and will enable you to see substantial changes to your mind and body in a short space of time.

Make it Known

Telling your friends and family about your intentions and reasons for abstinence will help keep things clear and give your loved ones a chance to support and encourage you. In doing so, they will understand when you turn down offers to go to a bar or other alcohol infused occasions. You never know, maybe you will even inspire others to join you for the ride.

Avoid Temptation

In time, it will get a lot easier to attend parties and nights out without alcohol, but for the first few weeks, try to identify the instances when you would usually drink and arrange to do something else instead. Something fun. Perhaps an evening at the cinema with friends or try signing up for a new sport or hobby, which will keep you engaged and reward your progress with fun and positivity.